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What We Offer

Our success is by involving and building expertise in our core business to keep long term business relationship with our client. Receiving several appreciation and safety awards.

Earthworks and Site area preparation

We are well experienced in Earthworks and Site area preparation.

Infrastructure works

Infrastructure works (earthmoving-track roads-sand cleaning).


Our heavy duty machines are well equipped cut the sand dunes and prepare pipeline Right of way.

Supply and Transportation of Fluid Haulage Service

Supply and Transportation of Fluid Haulage Services (Diesel, Fresh Water, Location Water, Aquifer Water, OBM, Waste Mud etc.) in all ADNOC Fields.

Fencing & security installation works

Fencing & security installation works.

Well head Piping & flow line / pipeline installation.

We are well experience in wellhead & flow-line installation for onshore oil company.

Pipeline hydro testing works

Hydrostatic testing ensures the integrity of all new and existing lines. We provide the workforce and equipment to test every pipeline for leaks, defects and residual stresses.

Piping & Pipeline Welding & fabrication.

Our team is well experience and qualified to fabricate & weld as per client drawings by using latest technology of machines.

Blasting, Painting & Hydrostatic testing

Our specialties include industrial & commercial Metal/Sand blasting, we offer a complete range of machines to cover the key sectors in surface treatment technology, grinding, finishing and shot-blasting.

We provide specialized coating systems and related services for corrosion protection, insulation and weight coating applications as per client request.

Supply of Gatch, Construction water & Drinking water

Supply of Gatch, Construction water & Drinking water


We are providing a complete service package to accomplish Oil & Gas wellhead services and pipeline/flowlines projects.


We are providing a complete service package to accomplish Oil & Gas wellhead services and pipeline/flowlines projects.


SARI oil field services is one of the leading oil field suppliers of different types of fleet in UAE. Since its inception. SARI oil field services has a strong presence in UAE Market, with a primary focus on the Oilfield sector.

Our oil and gas customers appreciate our outstanding OSHA-compliant safety history, efficiency, highly trained staff, and our focus on creating customized solutions for every stage of the fluids lifecycle. SARI oil field services is prepared for 24hour, high volume water transfer and have frack tanks, vacuum trucks, acid tanks, mud tanks and mud pumps ready to use.


SAARI offers Horizontal Directional Drilling with highly trained person in the Horizontal Directional Drilling field. Installation of underground pipes and cables including road crossings, installation of high voltage power cables, provision of holes for water pipeline, and underground fiber optic, aerial enclosure, cable splicing and termination, trenching, concrete coating.

We provide complete services for Horizontal Directional Drilling such as provision of “Setting Out”, verification of underground utilities, excavation of trial pits and submission of trial pit reports, preparation, submission and approval of drilling profile, excavation of entry & exit pits including provision of safety measures, pilot drilling, back reaming and pipe pulling, sealing of both ends of product pipe and joint measurement of completed crossing.
HDD eliminates ecological disturbance and contamination. Also, noise pollution is isolated to the location of the drill which is far away from homes and businesses. Horizontal directional drilling also minimizes cost of surface restoration as only to excavations are required, the entry and exit points of the drill stem.

Heavy equipment rental.

Heavy equipment rental. (Dozer, Shovel, Crane. Grader, Excavator etc.)

Demolition and debris clearing



Customized Professional Services